Carefree Cornwall

Carefree Cornwall is a charity that helps young people who are in, or who have recently left care. West Cornwall Youth Trust has funded Carefree Cornwall twice, and in 2012, their donation was used to support a group of young people in care in to go to a summer activity at BF Adventure. They were able to take part in outdoor activities that built their confidence and at the same time took part in a range of challenges, including budgeting, shopping for and cooking meals together and undertaking a Public Transport Challenge around Cornwall. Most importantly they spent time getting to know other young people in care, and developed their ability to make friends.  

In 2013, West Cornwall Youth Trust provided Carefree Cornwall with another grant to help support other kinds of summer activity for young people.  In particular, the money was used to deliver a week long activity where young people from West Cornwall camped on the edge of Bodmin Moor to prepare for a Duke of Edinburgh award expedition and an activity week where young people planned their own sports activity and worked towards a sporting award.

The Trust continues to support Carefree Cornwall in other ways as well. Most recently, Carefree Cornwall were asked to go on BBC Radio Cornwall alongside Nick Fletcher from West Cornwall Youth Trust, to talk about their work – a great promotional opportunity for them.

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