Penhaligon’s Friends

Penhaligon's FriendsAt Penhaligon’s Friends, the main objective is to offer people dealing with grief and berevement somewhere where they can go for tea, sympathy and someone to talk to. Named after David Penhaligon, a Cornish MP who died in a car crash leaving behind a wife and two children, Penhaligon’s Friends has been running for nearly 20 years, helping people to move forward after family tragedies.

The grants received from the West Cornwall Youth Trust have gone towards funding support groups and away days for young people dealing with a family loss. Penhaligon’s Friends have said that some bereaved children feel as though they are not “allowed” to have fun, so these days and experiences offer a chance for reflection, allowing young people to speak to others who might be in a similar situation and “normalise” their feelings – but most importantly, they try to offer children a short escape from their grief.

“Penhaligon’s Friends offers support to children, young people and their families affected by bereavement,” said Julie Parker, Manager of Penhaligon’s Friends. “Our therapeutic work is really important and a core part of our mission. The grant from West Cornwall Youth Trust allows us to offer another layer of support, a chance for our young people to get involved in team building activities and time out to enjoy life.”

Last year Penhaligon’s Friends supported 600 young people across Cornwall. Every year the charity expands and helps more people, but thankfully every year more volunteers are keen to help out. They currently have over 50 volunteers as well as paid members of staff.

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